Listed below are testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.

I give Burks Oil & Gas my highest possible recommendation for marketing oil and gas properties. They constructed a detailed data package and went to great lengths to find a buyer. I hope to have the good fortune to do business with Burks again in the future.

President of a Houston-based oil and gas investment company

I have seen your data package and I was impressed by its completeness and fairness.

President of an independent Houston-based oil and gas producer and buyer

You all are really doing a fine job. It' s very professional.

A non-operated working interest owner

I commend you highly for a well put together and informative Executive Summary on the properties. It really reduced our time in evaluating the potential.

President of an independent oil company based in Mississippi

“We are very pleased with our acquisition and are looking for additional properties.”

Manager of engineering for a large Dallas-based independent

"Burks’ data books are very well prepared and very detailed. Have recently been to [one of your competitor’s] data room and the material was lacking.”

President of a small independent

“Your data package made our evaluation process much easier compaired to other larger and smaller deals that they have looked at in the past.”

Acquisitions manager of a small Houston based oil and gas company

“Without a doubt, you guys should be extremely proud of the service you provide.”

Principal of a small Texas investment bank

"All sales have problems and tough spots but your professionalism and detailed preparation was appreciated by us and the potential purchasers.”

Managing partner of a Houston-based E&P company

“Your company does a fine job on data books, as nice as I have ever seen. What I usually see is data packages with just economics projections.”

Acquisitions manager for a small production company

“You really did a quality professional job on these data packages - very complete.”

Development geologist for a very large independent

“We appreciate your great work. This is the best example of teamwork I’ve ever seen.”

President of an independent E&P company

The best data packages I have ever seen.

Senior acquisition geologist for a large international oil and gas company

Without your special talent and effort, our great achievements of 1995 would not have happened.”

President of an independent E&P company based in South Louisiana

It really was a pleasure doing business with you.”

President of a small Gulf Coast independent