Here is some general information on our company and the manner in which we assist in the evaluation and marketing of producing properties. Since we work with various independents, and some major oil companies, and have been instrumental in concluding nearly $2 billion of property closings, we hope to have a mutually beneficial business relationship with you.

Some Background

After trying unsuccessfully to find acquisitions on a consulting basis for a large independent, Don Burks entered the business in 1988 and began compiling data packages on "closable" properties for reasonable sellers in a form that he would like to have seen when he evaluated potential acquisitions.

Our specialty is the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the properties may be in canals or inland bays or marshes. Burks represents properties only on an exclusive basis and transactions are either negotiated sales or competitive bids.

We are continually working on new property packages and know many of the properties we expect to handle in the next 12 months.

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Our Clients

Most sellers have been successful independents. Most purchasers have been utility or pipeline-related companies or large independents. Burks often works with the sellers months before they drill their high quality prospects and we are ready to start marketing their properties soon after they log pay. We work directly with prospective purchasers and their consultants to minimize interference with the sellers' other business. We assist prospective purchasers through their evaluation process and through due diligence and closing. The intent of most sellers is to turn over their money quickly and drill more opportunities. Sellers and buyers are not naive and closings are generally fair to both sides.

We appreciate your consideration and are looking forward to showing you our available properties. If you are interested in additional information, please contact us.

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