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We are working on other high quality producing property divestments in the Gulf Coast area. Although our data packages are not complete on these fields, we will be glad to discuss them with you.

Point au Fer Island - Offering of Oil, Gas, and Mineral Leases on More Than 46,000 Acres, 3-D Seismic Is Available

Point Au Fer, LLC and the Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of New Orleans are requesting proposals for options to acquire oil, gas, and minerals leases on Point au Fer Island, Terrebonne Parish, south Louisiana.

Significant Acquisition Attributes of oil and gas leases on Point au Fer Island:

  • Up to 47,176 acres less 916 acres currently held by production are available for lease.
  • The working interest available for acquisition is 100% with a net revenue interest of 72%.
  • Wells can be drilled using barge-type drilling rigs.
  • A 3-D seismic shoot was conducted in 2014 over this area and it is available for licensing.
  • Houston-based BRT Energy Advisors, LLC, has identified a 12,500’ TVD normal-pressured, multi-target, drilling opportunity, the REGENT Prospect, that is estimated to have a hydrocarbon mid-range potential of 22.8 BCF and 1,026,000 barrels of condensate. 1,300 acres would probably need to be leased.
  • The REGENT Prospect also has deeper hydrocarbon opportunities to 13,500’ TVD. Intermediate casing would be needed. The additional mid-range hydrocarbon potential is estimated to be 12.2 BCF and 182,575 barrels of condensate. 1,900 acres would probably need to be leased.
  • Based on its interpretation of the seismic, Castex Energy, Inc. has drilled and completed its successful Point Au Fer LLC #1 gas well on August 4, 2022.
  • The Castex completion report for its new well filed with the Louisiana Department of Conservation on August 9, 2022, was reported as: 3,060 MCFD; 216 BCPD; 3,675 psi FTP; 13.5/64 CK; 14,167 GOR; 53.9 GRVTY; PERFS 13,822’-13,837’.
  • Castex has made a second significant discovery (the AO391 #1 well) inside the 3-D seismic survey, immediately to the east of PAF Island.
  • Exxon has announced a deal to inject CO2 at Pecan Island about 70 miles west of PAF Island.
  • The mineral owners have indicated interest in making their lands available for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCUS) operations.

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Gulf of Mexico Shallow Shelf - Non-Operated Working Interests

A large international company has sold it working interests in the Gulf of Mexico.

Significant Acquisition Attributes

  • Net production of 95 BOPD and 280 MCFD from 5 producing wells;
  • Estimated net proved reserves of 217,000 barrels of oil and 730 MMCF;
  • Present worth of net proved reserves of about $10 million;
  • Multiple behind-pipe zones in the existing wells;
  • Approximately 10,000 acres of leases;
  • A reserve and economics report by Burks.

Oil and Gas Assets in 32 Fields in Texas and Louisiana

A privately-held, Houston-based corporation sold hundreds of its oil and gas wells in Texas and Louisiana.

Five Fields in Texas and Louisiana

A privately-held oil and gas company sold its assets in West Texas, south and southeast Texas, and central Louisiana.


  • 68 producing wells;
  • Most of the wells were operated by the seller;
  • Gross production of about 236 BOPD and 200 MCFD;
  • Approximately 13,385 gross acres of leases;
  • Some 3-D seismic was included;
  • Third-party engineering report.

Significant Gas Discovery in the Prolific Arkoma Basin

An independent oil and gas company sold all of its operated gas wells, leases, and drilling prospects in the Arkoma Basin.


  • Several existing wells.
  • Offsets one of Oklahoma's largest gas fields.
  • Has a gathering system and pipeline connection to a major interstate pipeline.
  • High quality natural dry gas.
  • Includes all rights to all depths including deeper Arbuckle potential.

Broussard Field, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana - Non-Operated Working Interests

An oil and gas company has sold its non-operated working interests in this field to a private investor.

Significant Acquisition Attributes

  • Three producing oil wells and one saltwater disposal well;
  • Gross production was around 170 BOPD, 240 MCFD;
  • Leases covering approximately 150 unitized acres;
  • Negotiated sale.

Main Pass Block 35 and Five Other Fields in South Louisiana

HKN, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, XPLOR Energy Operating Company, has sold its oil and gas assets in the Main Pass Block 35, Lake Raccourci, Point a la Hache (Bakers Bay), Branville Bay (Chandeleur Sound Block 71), Lapeyrouse, and East Lake Verret fields.

Significant Acquisition Attributes

  • 30 producing wells with a leasehold position of 8,314 gross acres.
  • Net production of 298 BOPD and 855 MCFD.
  • Net cash flow of $608,000 per month.
  • Net proved reserves of 1,358,000 BO and 1,554 MMCF.
  • Net Probable & Possible reserves of 794,000 BO and 4,729 MMCF.
  • There is an independent third-party engineer's reserve report.
  • Main Pass Block 35 Field became one of Shell's major discoveries in the 1950's. The field, with its 10 linked platforms and oil pipeline, is in a strategic location within Louisiana's coastal waters and has unique characteristics such as third-party oil, gas, and water processing services for neighboring fields.
  • Numerous upside opportunities including a significant exploration play at Main Pass 35.

Operated Working Interests - Mississippi

Odyssey Petroleum Corp. (US), operating under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, divested its oil and gas assets in Mississippi.


  • Assets include interests in the Pelahatchie, Verba, and Barber Creek fields;
  • Odyssey's ownership includes 19 oil wells and two SWD wells;
  • Production from 9 wells averaged 143 BOPD gross and 102 BOPD net;
  • Working Interests are mostly 100% with NRIs about 72%;
  • Net operating revenue is estimated to be about $238,000 per month;
  • The fields offer multiple productive zones from 7,500 feet to 17,000 feet;
  • There are several behind pipe recompletions in the existing wells;
  • Net proved reserves are 712,000 barrels and 140 MMCF (PV-10% is $22.5 million) per the Fletcher Lewis Engineering report as of 1/1/10, constant price case;
  • The four wells in the Barber Creek Field are slated for abandonment;
  • In addition to the above reserves, over 40 drilling locations have been identified for the unexploited Norphlet, Smackover, Haynesville and Cotton Valley formations.

Liberty County, Texas - Non-Operated Working Interests

Two owners have sold their interests in this package of producing properties.

Significant Acquisition Attributes

  • Twelve producing oil and gas wells;
  • Net production was approximately 60 BOPD and 1,630 MCFD;
  • Net cash flow from the Properties was about $536,000 per month;
  • Net proved reserves are approximately 5.8 BCFE;
  • Present worth value of the net proved reserves, discounted at 20%, is $22 million;
  • The leasehold position covers approximately 2,500 gross acres;
  • Working Interest ownership averages approximately 8.5% with a 6.5% NRI;
  • There are several identified proven behind pipe zones;
  • There are at least five identified drilling locations for proven reserves;
  • Prolific Vicksburg, Yegua, and Cook Mountain formations;
  • Highly successful, ongoing 3-D seismic-based drilling program;
  • Existing wells are less than six years old.

North Minne Bock Field, Nueces County, Texas – Working Interests

A Southeast Texas operator and a number of its working interest partners sold their interests in this field which has significant and substantial upside potential. This was a joint PLS and Burks project.

Significant Acquisition Attributes

  • 34 producing oil and gas completions;
  • WI of up to 100% with a net revenue interest of nearly 75%;
  • Net sales and production were about 800 MCFD and 60 BOPD;
  • Net cash flow from the property was approximately $2.3 million for the 2006 year;
  • Nine leases covering approximately 1,580 gross acres held by production;
  • The field contains 93 recognized reservoirs from 28 productive sands. The pay sand depths range from 5,200’ to 8,400’;
  • 182 identified behind pipe recompletions in the existing wells;
  • 30 identified drilling locations;
  • Twenty square miles of 3-D seismic data were acquired over the field in 1994.

Yougeen Field – Bee County, Texas

A San Antonio-based operator has sold its assets in this field.

Significant Acquisition Attributes of Yougeen Field:

  • Ownership included 17 producing completions;
  • The available working interest was 100% with an NRI of 80%;
  • Net Production was approximately 63 BOPD and 894 MCFD;
  • Four proven pay sands – Frio/Vicksburg through Yegua - from 3,700’ to 5,700’;
  • Five development drilling locations for proved reserves were identified;
  • Two additional drilling locations for probable reserves were identified;
  • Leasehold position was 4,390 acres.

Main Pass 59 - Offshore, Louisiana

A New Orleans-based E&P company has sold a portion of its assets in this property.

Significant Acquisition Attributes

  • This is an outstanding offshore property with large reserves and good cash flow;
  • Ownership includes 18 oil completions in 14 wellbores;
  • Gross production averages 2,000 BOPD and 700 MCFD depending on facilities constraints;
  • Net proven reserves are estimated to be 13.2 million barrels of oil and 8.0 BCF;
  • There are 14 proven field pay sands identified to date from 4,200 feet to 7,000 feet;
  • Leasehold position consists of approximately 3,746 acres;
  • There are at least six development-drilling opportunities on the acreage and one exploratory well to test a new fault block;
  • 3-D seismic data is available from Western Geophysical;
  • The originals platform is a six-pile, ten-slot structure in approximately 70 feet of water. Additional drilling slots were added during 2001.

Goose Creek Field, Harris County, Texas

A partnership has sold its interests in this 100-year oil field.

  • 32 producing oil wells.
  • Gross production is approximately 265 BOPD.
  • 100% working interest.
  • Estimated net proved reserves are about 2 million barrels of oil.
  • Present worth value of the net proved reserves is $35 million (PV-15%).
  • Stacked pays with numerous proved behind-pipe zones.
  • 4 Identified proved undeveloped drilling locations.
  • Deep Vicksburg gas potential.