We always show the properties in a complete, concise, properly organized, and user-friendly data package. We want prospective purchasers to be able to determine their preliminary level of interest in a property without investing a considerable amount of time and effort and conducting a lot of outside data gathering.

We will…

The Divestment Process

As part of the divestment process, we gather appropriate data and information, evaluate sale properties for their potential, and assist in their sale. Burks doesn't work simply in the capacity of a "finder," a "facilitator," or an "advisor" but prepares comprehensive, detailed, meticulous, engineering and geological data packages with extensive associated economics. We perform buyer-friendly data-room presentations in our offices as part of the process.

Time is valuable to all and our objective is to avoid wasting the time of any seller or any potential purchaser.


We have worked on quite a number of producing properties over the last ten years and have been responsible for matching nearly all of these fields with successful Buyers. Don Burks and Richard Klauzinski have worked together off and on throughout their 54 years of industry experience. Scott Byrnes (former Reservoir Engineering & Development Manager for AGIP Petroleum) joined the team in 1994. We have listed brief résumés for your reference.

Prospective Purchasers

We will give you a comprehensive engineering, geological, and financial data package for each property. Our unique data packages contain extensive collections of pre-copied information on each well along with reserve estimates (well supported by maps, logs, cores, production histories, etc.) and cash-flow projections for each reservoir. A single data package may be several three-ring binders in size. We will try to obtain any additional information or data you request.

We will try not to waste your time on properties that are not "closable." We screen anticipated sale price versus market value and work with reasonable and responsive Sellers. We typically arrange private negotiated sales without competitive bidding. The number of our data-room presentations to prospective purchasers is limited.

Your company will be able to conduct a preliminary evaluation with minimal time and effort. You will not be scrambling around looking for sufficient information to decide if you even have a preliminary level of interest in pursuing a potential acquisition (as is the case in many property evaluations). We will assist you during the due-diligence phase of your final evaluation in any way we can. We will also run economic scenarios at any pricing or expense assumptions you request.

Prospective Sellers

We will do virtually all of the work including evaluation, packaging, and marketing. We will come to your offices and collect and copy the pertinent materials. We will conduct a timely, complete, and independent evaluation of each producing property. We will find and point out the upside potential of each field. We will provide recommendations that will make the value of your properties more apparent.

We will screen and qualify prospective purchasers. Your data will be protected by a strong confidentiality agreement signed by every prospective purchaser. You will not have to deal with any prospective purchaser until a suitable offer is in the making.

You are never obligated to sell; you make the final decision after you have received one or more offers that are acceptable to you.

Our Promise

We work hard to help each prospective buyer and seller reach a point where a transaction is attractive to both sides. We do not consult or charge by the hour except on rare occasions. We simply earn a nominal fee for our services. This fee is paid by the seller if a closing occurs. Please email us or call Don, Dick or Scott at 281-580-4590 for additional information or to schedule a visit to our office.